Why Electric & Hybrid for Overland Adventure?

The times, as they say, are changing. As we've seen in many recent articles over at Toyota Cruisers & Trucks - the exploring world is becoming electrified. Regardless of your preference for traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), more and more capable explorers are being electrified.

Why Electric & Hybrid Trucks and SUVs for Overland Adventure?
While the likes of Rivian, Hummer, Ford with the Lightning, and even the new GMC EV Sierra are testing the electric truck and SUV market, many automakers are simply adding more efficient engines and hybrid drivetrains to their vehicles. Toyota most recently added Hybrid Max versions of both the 3rd Gen Tundra as well as the 3rd Gen 2023 Sequoia. Jeep has the 4XE in many flavors, and other automakers are following suite with their own versions of electrified trucks and SUVs.
Electric ford f-150 lightning
rivian r1s for overland adventure
Hybrids are more efficient than pure EVs, and can be a transition technology to help reduce emissions today. They also offer higher mpg, are easy to use, are better to drive, and may have lower sticker prices than gas-only vehicles. The average hybrid takes four years to pay for itself through fuel savings, and is generally reliable with lower wear and tear than nonhybrids. Most hybrids are recommended by Consumer Reports, and owners tend to be satisfied with their purchase.
Jeep 4X4 is perfect for EV adventure
Adventure-minded people should take steps to ensure their vehicle is up for a challenge when driving on dirt roads, in areas of high altitude and on beaches. 4x4 and all-wheel drive hybrid and electric vehicles are ideal for such off-road driving, since most off-pavement trips are less than 200 miles per day. You can easily have a great adventure and make it back to a charging station while you have lunch.
Camping & short overland trips, which are most common, is very doable with electric and hybrid vehicles
You can even overland in a Prius
The experts at Overland Journal covered the topic in episode #8 of their podcast:
Scott and Matt discuss how electric vehicles are rapidly changing the way we think about transportation. They talk about some of the popular models, such as Rivian, Bollinger, and the Tesla Cybertruck. They also discuss the potential for OEMs to adopt electric technology and what that could mean for the future of the industry. Finally, they discuss Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor's use of electric motorcycles in their Long Way Up adventure, and how it is pushing the boundaries of adventure motorcycling.
 EV adventure with a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid
2023 sequoia hybrid max for overland
The future is bright for electrified vehicle adventures. From camping and road trips to full overland expeditions, electric and hybrid are here to stay!