About Us

Live To Explore was originally founded as Adventure Insider in 2008 as an alternative to large adventure travel websites and magazines.

Our original focus of little known Adventure Travel trips remains, but today the primary purpose of Live To Explore is to show great ways anyone can Explore their life.

In the years since AI was founded, our lives have changed dramatically. Maturity, life partners, children, and a better understanding of our short time on this earth have revealed a few truths.
Truth #1: Life is about exploring everything from your local town to the far reaches of the planet.
Truth #2: The simple things, like learning to cook a new dish or the wonders of your local trail, are worthy of exploring and can profoundly effect your life.
Truth #3: Adventure is grand, however living to explore every aspect of your surroundings will change you.

As our adventure of exploration continues, Live To Explore will focus on Outdoor, Food, Family, Travel, and Off-Highway topics. We'll be exploring every step of the way.

Join Us.

The original About Adventure Insider:
Adventure Insider is for those looking to get away from civilization as well as the crowds. Our goal is to find little known trips and share them with you. In addition we review the gear we use as well as tips and tricks for use in the field. Adventure Insider staff writers are very experienced in their fields. Our experts have extensive experience in backpacking, guiding on rock, instructing SCUBA diving, and teaching survival to military aircrew members. We have the experience to find to the remote trips and bring you field tested instruction. In fact, many of our writers do this for a living and own their own companies. We will, of course, visit and share trips on more visited places, urban adventures and the like. After all, what trip to the west is complete without a visit to Glacier National Park. We will be trying to keep heavily visited and lottery based trips to a minimum, so please join us as we explore the lesser known.