This is Phoenix, An All-In-One Solar Generator From Renogy

We've seen solar panels, battery packs, and kits in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Usually the completly contained units are not large enough to power more than your phone, or they're too cumbersome to truly be considered 'portable'.

Solar supplier Renogy  is set to change that with the Phoenix 'briefcase' Solar Kit.

Phoenix Solar Briefcase by Renogy

The briefcase is all inclusive, with enough features & power to help make your next outdoor exploration a success. While it's a bit heavy for backpacking duty, at
less than 13lbs, it's easily loaded into the car or truck and is quick to deploy at the campsite or basecamp. For solar charging, the kit includes dual 10Watt panels
that can be expanded up to 120 Watts with additional panels. The system can also be charged via 12v adapter or can be plugged in to a standard wall outlet.

Phoenix Solar Briefcase by Renogy

The replaceable 16Ah Li-Ion battery provides plenty of power to charge small devices many, many times (see chart below). The system even includes a handy 150W Pure Sine
Inverter so you can plug in standard 110v items.

The Phoenix comes in at a reasonable $699, but can be found as low as $599 (or less) on

Phoenix Solar Briefcase by Renogy - Specifications

We expect to see a full review of this (and other) solar options in a future issue of Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine.