Three Camp-Friendly Coffee Options

Like many of you, the Adventure Insider team is much more friendly after our morning cup-of-joe. Here are our top three options you should investigate for your morning camp coffee:

3) GSI Outdoors 30oz JavaDrip

This is a great way to get quick coffee for two, in a relatively compact package. The JavaDrip includes a silicone drip cone that locks to the 30oz double-wall insulated & nylon wrapped cup. Check it out online.

2) Percolater (campers choice on brand)

For multi-cup goodness for the entire crew, the good old fashioned percolater is the way to go. Easy to use over a campfire, and the ability to brew enough coffee for the entire day. Read about the Stansport Percolater.

1) AeroPress!

Whether you enjoy a good french-press coffee or not, this is the grand daddy of camp-friendly coffee. Combined with a Jet-Boil, you can have a piping cup of that glorious liquid ready in just minutes. If you use suitable fresh-ground beans, you'll be rewarded with an amazing french-press style caffeine wonder in just a few minutes. Check out the Aerobie AeroPress.