Meet FarmBot (YES - A Farming Robot)

This is FarmBot.


The first open-source CNC driven farming robot.

Farmbot Genesis, the first one, allows anyone (especially those of us without a green thumb) to grow our own food. With the help of computers, and an app, of course.

The Kickstarter project has blown away it's initial $100,000 round of funding, and early adopters can get in on the Farmbot initial order for just over $3,000. Your initial investment gets you in on the February 2017 shipment of Farmbots - ready to assemble!

Have a 3D Printer & a little time? You can print your own parts, order the others from Farmbot.

How Does It Work?

As an open source project, all the hardware, software, and design files for FarmBot are available for anyone to use, modify, expand, and create. For now though, let's talk about Genesis.

The concept is simple: plant & sow a grid of vegetables in your own garden. Use the FarmBot to manage planting, soil conditions, watering, and even weeding. After your initial setup, FarmBot takes care of the rest!

For full details, read through the vast documentation on the FarmBot.